Mechanical Breakdown Protection

Route 66 Extended WarrantyAvoid Unexpected Auto Repair Costs


Before you purchase your next vehicle, whether new or used, be sure to check with the credit union for a quote on its Mechanical Breakdown Protection program. There's nothing more frustrating than having your car's warranty run out the day before you have a major mechanical breakdown. And believe it or not, this really does happen.


Our program offers a complete package designed to protect you from expensive repair bills when mechanical failures occur – whether it's the transmission, suspension, air conditioning, or any one of the major systems that may need costly repairs or replacement.


There are many car dealers out there offering expensive extended warranties, but few cover you like our program. And the savings are rather substantial! Typically, the cost for one of our contracts will be 30-50% less than those offered at the dealerships. And our program provides some of the most extensive coverage available in the industry, as well as these great benefits:


Towing Coverage   Rental Car Coverage
Trip Interruption 24-hour Roadside Assistance


And best of all, these plans are affordable and can easily be added to your auto loan. Contact your loan officer today to take advantage of this valuable new program -- and drive home your new or used car with peace of mind.


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