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In addition to the wide variety of financial services offered by your Credit Union, we also offer these additional services.

Direct Deposit

Eliminate trips to the Credit Union and waiting in line to cash paychecks. Your entire pay is automatically deposited into your account via electronic funds transfer and available for use on payday.  It's convenient, safe and, best of all, it's FREE!

  • It's safe because there are no checks to be lost or stolen.
  • The money is in your account the day of the deposit – even if you are out of town, sick, or unable to get to the Credit Union.
  • Because funds are available immediately, you won't have to wait for your check to clear, which can help you avoid bouncing a check.

Please use the following information to set up direct deposit: Routing Number: 267082201

Payroll Deduction

Arrange to have a portion of each paycheck deposited into your Credit Union account(s). It's an easy, painless way to save money and make loan payments.


Please use the following information to set up payroll deduction: Routing Number: 267082201

Free Notary Service

We provide free notary services to Credit Union members for most documents. An appointment isn't needed although we recommend calling ahead to make sure that there is a notary in the office when you arrive.


What you need to bring:

  • A valid government-issued photo identification for everyone whose signature is being notarized
  • The documents that need the notarization

Do not sign them until you are in front of the notary.  Because the notary is documenting that the signature on the document is your genuine signature, all signers must be present and must sign in front of the notary.

MoneyGram® Money Orders

A Convenient, Reliable Way to Pay - MoneyGram Money Orders give you the convenience, the freedom of a check, without the need for a checking account. And, as the nation's largest money order processor, MoneyGram offers you reliability.


  • Safe way to pay bills and send funds through the mail
  • Widely accepted form of payment
  • Receipt of transaction, traceable
  • Refundable

Wire Transfers

A wire transfer allows you to take money from your account at one financial institution and send it ("wire it") to an account at a different financial institution. We offer our members the ability to send domestic and international wire transfers. Members can visit any of our Branch Locations to complete a wire transfer.  The Wire Transfer forms can be found in the Forms & Disclosures page.

Wire transfer fees can be found on our Fee Schedule.

Official / Cashier's Checks

Some major transactions, like buying a car or a house, require that you pay with a Cashier's Check. A Cashier's Check ensures the depositor that there are sufficient funds to cover the check. Members can visit any of our Branch Locations to get an Official / Cashier's Check. Fees can be found on our Fee Schedule.


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