Courtesy Pay

If you have ever made a mistake in your checking account, or written a check for more money than the available balance in the account, you know about the expense and embarrassment that comes with an NSF item. You're covered with Courtesy Pay.


At Baptist Health South Florida Federal Credit Union, our Courtesy Pay program may cover your overdrafts up to $700. So, rather than automatically returning unpaid any non-sufficient funds items that you may have, we will consider, without obligation, payment of your reasonable overdrafts.


Imagine, with Courtesy Pay, your checks will clear so you won't have merchant's fees for returned checks! No embarrassment or aggravation of bounced checks, fewer charges from retailers for returned checks and the extra security of managing your funds.


Ready to sign up for Courtesy Pay? No need to. We have added Courtesy Pay to eligible checking accounts in good standing. And it costs you nothing unless you use the service. Then our normal non-sufficient funds charge will apply to each item that would create an overdraft on your account. You'll receive a notice each time an overdraft occurs.


So, if you make a mistake in your checkbook...or payday is just too far away...or one of life's unplanned expenses pops up...your checking account is covered with Courtesy Pay. Restrictions do apply. Be sure to review the disclosure carefully.


For additional information regarding the terms and conditions, please see our Courtesy Pay Disclosure.





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